SteveHacker.com is ABSOLUTELY NOT a web site designed to conduct business at this time!
This site DOES NOT EXIST to sell anything, promote products or people, or to accomplish anything other than to be a centralized repository for data, media, music, and personal resources for Steve Hacker. You will find that MOST of this web site is PASSWORD PROTECTED. This is NOT an accident. Again, this site does not exist for the general public, and is used heavily, for example, by the music students of Steve Hacker, for gaining access to music assignments, and other information. Would-be sales pitches from people wanting to be hired by Steve Hacker to "design a better web site", are DISCOURAGED, and should not be attempted. Steve Hacker is a college-educated music major, electronics engineering technology professional, and an I.T. (Information Technology) certified computer and technology professional, certified in multiple I.T. disciplines, INCLUDING WEB TECHNOLOGY, and in fact, Steve Hacker designs and teaches Web Design programs for colleges, and also teaches multiple classes in the web design and information technology fields at multiple colleges. "HELP" with this web site is NOT requested, nor is it needed. This site is, again, merely a centralized repository for data, media, music, and resources used by Steve Hacker himself, as well as his friends, clients, colleagues, and music students, and is NOT designed to look "pretty" or "catchy". If you are here to be impressed, you obviously lost your way. If you are here because your ASSIGNMENT is locked behind a password already given to you face-to-face by Steve Hacker, then you already KNOW what this site is for, and why you are here, so you don't even need this message... To those who are lost, and accidentally found their way here: THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING! Perhaps GOOGLE should now be your next site to visit... Thanks!

(Last Update: 11:32pm... Wed. 3/14/2018) 

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