Music Lesson FAQs

How much do music lessons cost?

Music lessons are billed at a flat monthly rate at the beginning of each month, regardless of how many lessons are received in a given month, at the rate of $90/month at my music lesson office inside the Museum Of Southern Culture, at Swamp Gravy's Cotton Hall, in Colquitt, Georgia, $80/month at my studio in Bainbridge, Georgia, and world-wide over Skype, fees are individually negotiated because of special circumstances, often-lengthened session times, and because of currency differentials. Payments are accepted, in order of preference, via cash, check, money order, credit/debit card (a 3% fee plus an additional rounding up to the next whole dollar amount is added on all card charges), and believe it or not, I even do some TRADING/BARTERING! Yep! You read correctly! I LIKE TO TRADE! If you have a skill, goods or a service that you think I may be interested in, and you think you might not want to pay my monthly fee, or simply are having some financial troubles, MAKE ME AN OFFER of trading and let's see what we can come up with! You might be pleasantly surprised! No promises, because you have to have something I NEED, but it does happen on occasion...